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Notifier sends custom notes/reminders to your notification bar [App Reviews]

March 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Productivity, Tools


Between the long list of to-do list apps, task managers, alarms, and calendar options, there’s really no excuse for forgetting something. Unless someone’s excuse is that all those app types just mentioned are too complicated for what they want to do. Someone may simply want to get a reminder and set it up to be as simple as possible.

Notifier is the solution for those users. Available for Android 2.1 and higher, the app posts notes that appear in the Android notification drawer. And for the especially forgetful, the app can even trigger a pop-up window that’s hard to miss. So when your wife says, “Don’t forget to pick me up at lunch,” you can set a notification to appear at 12:30 pm. And if you need to remember to take food out of the oven in an hour, that’s easy to do as well.

The draw for Notifier is its simplicity, but the app isn’t underpowered by any means. Users can add a notification title and message, set the time that it appears, and a home screen widget makes it incredibly easy to create new reminders. Should changes need to be made, Notifier includes a list of planned notifications that can be edited, as well as an archive of past reminders yet to be deleted. The Holo-based interface scrolls through each area smoothly, and users can switch between a dark or light theme.

A to-do client might be better because it offers more flexibility and organization options, but users in need of such an app have plenty of other options. Notifier works because it’s designed for quick type-and-go reminders. On the off chance that you might need more, the premium version Notfier+ ($1.99) can add Dropbox sync for notifications between devices, pinned notifications and Android 3.0 or higher, and the option to push a reminder back (snooze). Try out the free ad-supported version and then remind yourself to consider Notifier+ later.