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Google asks users to share their “Google TV Stories” in home videos posted to YouTube

March 26, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV


Google wants to know how you view Google TV. More specifically, the company wants to know exactly how Google TV is worth it and fits an individual user’s personal set-up.

The official Google TV Google+ account posted earlier today that it is soliciting video testimonials from Google TV users explaining how the app-and-web-enabled platform has changed the way that they watch television. There’s no explanation of what this will be used for – advertisements, web campaigns, presentations at tech events like Google I/O? – but showcasing the positives of GTV is the end game.

I’ve expressed my disappointment in Google TV many times in the past, though my opinion may have been tainted by the Logitech Revue’s dreadful support, hardware limitations, and Google’s inability to deliver apps until a year after originally promised. Each time I made those negative comments, there was always at least one person to push back and say the platform offers exactly what they’re looking for in a smart TV experience. Now is their, and your, chance to share those thoughts with the world.

The official post asks users to upload a home video to YouTube, no more than 3 minutes, with the tag “Google TV Stories” (quotes included). Users can also post a link to the Google+ page to ensure that the Google TV team sees it. Then we’ll all find out exactly what this project is about.

If you don’t mind sharing, what will you put in your Google TV story?

[Google+] Thanks to +Tony Busko