Cuki 3D Android Live Wallpapers make your home screen pop [Reviews]

March 7, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android live wallpapers bring animation and action to the normally static home screen. While most live wallpaper userswouldn’t say having a standard image is boring, they would argue that seeing movement on the home screen – however small or whatever effect that can have on battery life – offers more eye candy.

Cuki HD Live Wallpaper illustrates that point fairly well. Developed by SK Planet, Cuki HD is actually a showcase app for live wallpapers with 3D effects. There are currently four appealing titles from Cuki centered on different themes – the circus, fairy tale, optic ball, and soccer – and the promise of more live wallpapers on the way.

All of the Cuki HD live wallpapers have layers of objects based around that theme. In the soccer edition, three players are positioned from one edge of the screen to the next, and they appear to be passing a ball on a plane of red triangles. The live wallpapers feature multiple layers of objects that change when the phone is moved or the user switches between screens. In the case of the fantasy circus, acrobats float in the background, and tilting a screen in different directions repositions a performing elephant.

Cuki HD at the moment exhibits four beautiful and completely free Android live wallpapers. The app might feature a few premium titles in the future, but if they’re of similar quality the ones currently in the app for free, they can count on at least one sale from this writer. Android 2.1 and higher devices can download the Cuki HD app to get links to the suite of live wallpapers.

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