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March 15, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Finding the best Android wallpapers is easy thanks to billions of images floating around. In fact, you can look to Android to find quality images to grace your phone. I’ve long been an advocate of scouring Deviantart and InterfaceLift to find the best wallpapers, but I find myself turning to a few apps instead. Below are some of the best Android apps for finding wallpapers. These are apps for finding static images, not the best live wallpapers available for Android.

WallBase HD Wallpapers

Wallbase is an awesome app. I don’t think you heard me correctly, so it bears repeating – Wallbase is an awesome app. Wallpaper seekers are guaranteed to find great manipulated or 3D-generated images, artistic drawings, landscape photography, and pictures of models or celebrities. The images are organized tags, so you can find anything from HDR photography to brunettes to hunks to Star Wars. Wallbase also has a search function to look for a particular term, but you can also browse what’s popular and see a random list of images.

Other key features include the ability to only look at images that fit your phones resolution, automatically apply and save an image, and filter out NSFW pics. I’d argue that this is the best wallpaper app, and it’s free. (Purchase the PRO key to remove ads.)

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PicSpeed HD Wallpapers

Running out of wallpapers will never be a problem with PicSpeed HD Wallpapers. There are more than 170,000 images in dozens of categories that prevent that from ever happening. PicSpeed HD is packed to the brim with wallpapers for exotic cars, city landscapes, animal and nature photography, abstract graphic designs, interesting photography, and pictures of celebrities.

PicSpeed then has subcategories and themes that can further narrow a user’s search. You can look up a specific term to get images on that subject, but the search engine is rather poor and often fails to return anything even if images related to that term are available. On the bright side, there are so many images to choose from that you are guaranteed to find something you like while browsing. And while many wallpaper apps have slow browsers, PicSpeed is more than fast enough to warrant its name.

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Great HD Wallpapers

A wallpaper app is only as god as the images it features, and Great HD Wallpapers does a good job of curating niche pics. The New and Popular sections keep users up on what’s fresh and most enjoyable, but there are also categories for niche tastes like Android, cars, comics, fantasy, girls, guys, guys, vegetation, and gaming. There’s also a “random” section to mix things up.

The initial loading process for Great HD Wallpapers can be slow, but thumbnails appear rapidly to make the rest of the browsing experience pleasurable. Great HD Wallpapers also lets users add their own message to images. GDHW can add custom text in one of several fonts, then place it in a desired location and save as a new image. I can’t see the need for doing thins happening very often, but it’s nice to have the option, and the app is otherwise hitting on all other points.

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Grallery is slightly different from most of the wallpaper apps out there. Sure, it’s got the staples of a gallery full of beautiful images to download, but what sets the app apart is the type of images featured. Grallery puts a focus on minimalist, vector, and colorful images. The wallpapers featured are artistic and hipster-ish, which is different from what you typically see. There are a lot more paintings, typography, and digital art, and no models or hot rod photos.

Once a user discovers a wallpaper that they want, they can set that image as the phone’s wallpaper or save it for use later. There’s also an ‘i’ button displays information about the image and the artist who created it. That can lead to more great finds. The downside is that this app appears to have been abandoned by its developers, so you’ll eventually run out of pics to download.

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Other Apps

Cool Wallpapers HD - This one’s hit or miss. It has a lot of those gaudy wallpapers and “hot chick” images, but there are also some great photos and artistic images in the mix as well. Plenty of graphics and thousands of new images, organized by category, are added every day.

Best Wallpapers HD – Another app with a large library – more than 17,000 images – organized by 30 categories. The app presentation is not as good as the others, but it does deliver with plenty of images.

Coveroid Wallpapers HD – Most of these images appear in other apps, but the occasional gem appears. You can also browse by category, search for a specific term, and set an image as a wallpaper directly from the app.


Have a suggestion for other Android wallpaper gallery apps? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll check it out. For our look at the best Android live wallpapers, click here.