Beautiful Widgets 4.0 adds multi-city forecasts, online Skins Market, and skin mixer

March 14, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Beautiful Widgets has reached 4.0 status, bringing with it the ability to remix existing skins and browse the library of choices online.

Beautiful Widgets 4.0 has added some Ice Cream Sandwich browsing elements to the app UI, but it’s more impressive that users can now browse the Beautiful Widgets Skins library online. The new Skins Market displays all clock, weather, battery, and toggle widgets in a customizable and searchable gallery. Linked to a phone or tablet through Google account, the Skins Market can download and apply any of those features directly from the web. Users can also rate widgets or recommend them on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

There are more than 500 Super Clock widgets alone in the Skins Market, but that still may not be enough for everyone. Android fans wanting more can customize the look of their widget by using the Skin Mixer. Beautiful Widgets uses existing clock styles to let users pick and choose different backgrounds, numbers, AM/PM icons, and dots to appear together. So if you like the numbering on a particular widget but not the background, mix a new skin and save it for use on your device.

The new customization options are a great feature to have, as is the ability to see forecasts for multiple locations. Beautiful Widgets can now take someone’s geolocation or a list of selected cities and provide forecasts for all of them. So if you want to know the weather where you’re going and where you are, just swipe left or right between a list of designated places.

Beautiful Widgets is temporarily on sale for $1.29 USD in Google Play. Download it now to also get weather alerts, customizable settings toggles, great animations, moon phases, and one of Android’s top apps around.