Awesome Wallpaper is a gallery app filled with awesome wallpapers for Android [Review]

March 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Evaluated version: 51

Pros: Holo theme, plenty of images, curated gallery of wallpapers

Cons: Uses Airpush ads, search yields images that aren't as good, could be quicker recently reviewed the Best Android wallpaper apps and highlighted the best apps that offer wallpapers for phones and tablets. Had the article been published a few weeks later, it would have included Awesome Wallpaper.

The name says it all: Awesome Wallpaper is an Android app full of photos, artwork, and images for your home screen that are awesome. The app doesn’t advertise a ball park figure of how many images are available, but I’ve spotted a great deal of them in the 43 categories based on black and white photography, landscapes, athletes, abstract images, animals, nature, cars, artwork, patterns, and much, much, more.

More important than the numbers of images that I spotted are the quality of said images and how simple it is to find them. Awesome Wallpaper selections are curated, so most of the junk and bad design that appears in so many wallpaper apps aren’t crowding the app. It’s not perfect because I did spot a few low-quality pics and a couple that aren’t really suitable to fit a phone’s home screen, but they were far outweighed by some interesting images. The Holo-themed app horizontally scroll through tags and has a search field to locate something specific. That’s when you’re most likely to spot a couple of duds because the stream is otherwise populated by quality images.

Awesome Wallpaper can save images to a device storage, like or share them for preservation, and set an image to be a wallpaper. The app could benefit from a speed boost, but the “high-definition” wallpapers look good on phones and most tablets. Download the free app from Google Play (Android 2.2 or higher required).