Andmade Share reorders app list in Android “Share” function, shares to multiple apps

March 5, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Share function is one of the most useful features of the Android OS, but it’s not perfect. There are probably times you’d like to share to multiple Android apps at once, or perhaps you’d like to reorder the list of apps that are listed for sharing. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with the default share mechanism. You can, however, with Andmade Share.

Andmade Share is a free Android 2.1 or higher app that can replace the default share menu with one you control. The app allows users to share a file to multiple apps without having to go back and forth repeatedly pressing Menu > Share. Instead, Andmade creates what can be described as a share queue. When I want to share a picture to Box, Dropbox, and Google+, I can check/uncheck those apps and then tap on one of them. It will then take me to each app to handle the upload or post, and move on to the next once completed.

Sharing through Andmade also addresses the problem of having to navigate through a long list of apps to get to the one you want. Andmade can reorder the apps listed in order to customize priority. This move apps that user share to often – like Plume or Springpad – to the top instead of apps that you rarely share to, like Google Voice and Docs.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich users may not be able to set the app to automatically take over the Share function in every app. The Gallery app and other apps I’ve tested that are built for ICS appear to always revert back to the official share function. However, pre-ICS users and apps that aren’t tailor-made for the newer UI conventions should be able to change the default settings. If not, simply select Andmade Share from the default share menu and proceed as usual.

via AndroidPolice

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