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Amazon Appstore turns one, hits 31,000 apps and offers seven days of discounts

March 15, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Amazon AppStore birthday

When Amazon launched its own AppStore last year, there were many technology enthusiasts who predicted Android Market’s end, but also very many people who didn’t think Amazon will be able to gain enough popularity to make this ‘’affair’’ a profitable one.

Now the AppStore celebrates its first birthday and somehow it has managed to draw some serious attention from Android geeks while not endangering very much Android Market’s (or rather Google Play’s) success.

And if there was anyone who doubted Amazon AppStore’s growing popularity, we now have on our hands certain very interesting numbers. It therefore seems that the number of apps made available has increased from a mere 3,800 in March 2011 to a whopping 31,000 right now.

Of course, compared to what Google Play has to offer, the 31,000 doesn’t look that impressive, but considering the fact that it’s only been a year and that the growth rate in 12 months is of around 700 percent, things are looking good for Amazon.

Getting over the numbers that probably don’t interest you that much, let’s get down to the juiciest part of our article today, Amazon’s special offers. That’s right, it wouldn’t be an anniversary without deals and discounts, and starting today you will get seven days of incremental special offers on Amazon’s AppStore.

That means that the deal’s first day brings a discounted app, the second day two, the third day three and so on until the seventh day, when you will have the opportunity of purchasing no less than seven different discounted titles.

The first app to go on a special sale is Plants vs. Zombies, available today at 67 percent off, for 99 cents. If you happen to miss today’s offer, don’t be sad, as very popular titles like Fruit Ninja, Wolfram Alpha, TETRIS, PAC-MAN, Monopoly, The Lost City or AccuWeather Platinum will be offered for discounted prices before the week’s end.

That’s not all, because Amazon will also be running a contest that will give away eight free Kindle Fire tablets on March 31st. The contest’s terms and conditions have not been disclosed just yet, but keep an eye on this special Amazon AppStore Birthday link, where you can also find all the details you could need about the discounted apps during the following week.