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Webelinx launches ”How to Eat and Stay Fit” free Android app

February 7, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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How to Eat and Stay Fit

We here at Androinica form an all-men editorial team and, even though we struggle to keep the content as wide and diversified as possible, it sometimes happens that we forget about our better halves and we get caught in our ‘’masculinity.”

Well, today I am going to give our women readers a treat, as I’m going to talk about a fresh new Android app designed especially for you gals. The app is called ‘’How to Eat and Stay Fit’’ and comes from Serbian developer Webelinx, the company behind some similar free Android apps, such as ‘’How to Do Your Own Makeup’’ or ‘’How to Make your Hair Look Fab’’.

“How to Eat and Stay Fit’’ has just been released and is available for free from Android Market. The app features more than 200 different workout videos and is perfect for those of you who want to lose weight or simply keep their weight under control while not starving to death.

As a matter of fact, come to think of it, this app should not interest only women, as I for one have not left the house in a few days due to the dreadful weather outside and have already gained a few pounds.

The Webelinx new app includes health and nutrition advice, as well as workout rutines (yoga, pilates and other), exercises for different muscle groups and advice on losing weight and staying in shape in general.

Also, there has to be said that the developing company has promised regular free updates with workout videos, routines and exercises, so all in all you should add this app on your ‘’to-install’’ list right now, no matter if you have gained a few extra pounds lately or you are afraid you will in the near future. Hit this Android Market link to download the app or the source link below for the Webelinx official press release!