Weather 2 Android apps tell skiers, golfers, and ballers when they should head outside [App Reviews]

February 16, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Pros: Provides forecasts for different times of day, shows sports-specific weather info

Cons: Apps downloaded separately, not all locations supported

Android has plenty of great weather apps, but we don’t always get the full picture from even the best Android weather apps. Sure, they might tell me that it’s 46 degrees outside, but just because it’s cold doesn’t mean conditions are favorable for winter sports. For that kind of activity, and others, try the Weather 2 series.

Weather 2 is a suite of separately downloadable Android apps that tell users the ideal times to go outdoors. The apps provide sport-specific reports about how conducive the weather will be to an activity. So instead of just reading that it’s 46 degrees in Aspen, Weather2Ski provides inches of snowfall, wind speeds, and rain fall to help make a decision.

In addition to snowboarders and skiers, Weather2 also provides weather information for fans of golf, fishing, cricket, football, horse racing, rugby, and motor racing. This is both a bonus and a negative. It’s great to have information targeted for your desired sport, but for someone who is active or an outdoorsman and interested in multiple activities, having to switch between 8 apps instead of 1 with multiple views seems silly. Users may also be disappointed to learn that these apps don’t provide specific reports on your immediate area, just on known locations. So while this is great if you plan to go skiing at Big Bear or racing at the Homestead Speedway, there’s no guarantee your venue or city will be supported.

On the plus side, people who are interested in focusing on one sport will enjoy the detailed information offered by the Weather2 apps. Users can get news from some sports sites, see a week’s forecast, find the best time of day to venture outside, and switch between metric or imperial measurements. The app’s database-model requires expansion to be more useful to more people, but those near or traveling to one of the supported areas may be pleased.

Visit StudioEleven’s Android Market page to see the list of supported Weather2 sports.

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