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Skyfall challenge: cross your fingers for me and I might get you guys free phones

February 13, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Long-time readers of know that I am a terrible mobile gamer. It takes me a while to get the angles right in physics games, my hand-eye coordination is dreadful, and I don’t always pick up on strategy right away. With that said, now might be a good time for you guys to hope that I’m able to turn things around.

ngmoco/mobage just loaned me a Samsung Galaxy S II pre-loaded with Skyfall, an adventure fantasy RPG that recently launched for Android. You may recognize it from the beta program offered to our readers a few weeks back. ngmoco is hosting a competition in which editors of Android blogs play the game in order to see who can first make it through the Proving Ground. The first editor to do so will win five (5) Samsung Galaxy S II devices for his or her readers.

So cross your fingers and wish me luck. I’ve got my usual workday duties to look after, but I’ll try to get in as much time as possible. We all know that it will take a miraculous change of fortune if I’m to be the winning editor, so I’ll probably need to put in more time than the competition.

Skyfall is available now in the Android Market, so you can download the app now if you wish to see what I’m dealing with.