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Samsung intros new CMOS Imager with “camcorder-class video quality on mobile handsets”

February 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


Smartphone buyers often make the mistake of thinking that more megapixels means more quality when it comes to mobile cameras. In reality, better image sensors and software makes for better cameras, and Samsung may reinforce that view in mobile video.

Samsung Electronics today announced the S5K3H7 as a new CMOS sensor that should provide a noticeable difference between the mobile cameras of tomorrow and today. The 8 megapixel S5 can record 30 frames per second (fps) at 1080p HD. Plenty of phones that do that already, but the S5 should improve the process by being better at capturing high-speed motion. The split-second jerking and stuttering often seen in videos captured with a mobile camera can be combated with improved sensors, which the S5 might offer.

The S5K3H7 will be able to shoot with low-power when filming 1080p, and will support 720p recording at 120fps and VGA at 240fps for slow motion playback. According to today’s announcement, Samsung claims that the S5 is “capable of delivering camcorder-class video quality on mobile handsets.” That would be quite the feat if proven true. We’ve seen tremendous progress in the picture-taking capabilities of Android phones, but enhanced video capture is necessary as well.

Samsung says that the S5K3H7 is scheduled for mass production next month. Might we see this beautiful sensor appear in the Samsung Galaxy S III? We can only hope.

“Consumers show a growing preference for high resolution image sensors with the diversity and qualities of DSCs on their mobile gadgets. Samsung’s advanced 8Mp imager is a good match for a diverse imaging experience and is expected to further expand Samsung’s leadership in CMOS based imaging technologies.”

- Taehoon Kim, VP of System LSI Sales & Marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung Elec.