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NEC showcases three smartphones in Japan, set to be on display at the MWC as well

February 22, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

Android Phones

NEC smartphones

NEC is a leading smartphone and tablet manufacturer in Japan, but for the time being their products are still unknown to the European and American public. That might well change in the near future, as no less than three NEC smartphones have been shown at a conference in Japan today with the promise that all three will be on display in Barcelona for the 2012 MWC event next week.

All three gadgets are unnamed for the time being and have been teased at the conference by some of their most important features. First off, there’s the ‘’best cloud device’’, a smartphone which promises to integrate better than anyone else cloud services.

This first smartphone features a pretty unique design, with two screens that can be folded from inside to the outside. You can therefore use this gadget either as a smartphone or as a tablet, which is the kind of functionality that we have only seen before at Sony’s Tablet P. No technical details are of course known for the time being, but the manufacturers have promised to come with an extra large battery to power both screens.

The second new device is teased as the ‘’large screen in one-hand’’ model and, as you might already suspect, it sports a large, high-resolution display. Even though there’s no way to know exactly what will the screen measure, if I were to guess looking at the photos, I would say a 4.5-4.7 inch in diagonal. It’s also worth mentioning that the bezel is very thin and narrow, which at least as far as I’m concerned is very, very nice.

Finally, the ‘’most stylish’’ device looks kind of familiar to me, even though I can’t say right now if I have seen the phone before or it just resembles another smartphone on the market. What we can say, though, about this gadget is that it will be waterproof, it will feature a ‘’fast-activating camera’’ and will insist on functionality in addition to good looks and ‘’charm’’.

All in all, all these three future smartphones look intriguing right now, but without knowing exactly what they have going for them under the hoods, it’s not recommended to get overly excited. Hopefully, when they will be on display in Barcelona next week, they will have next to them a more complete list of specs and features.