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Got a dent? Get estimates directly on your Android gadget with the new DingIT free app!

February 7, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

Android apps, Transportation


If you have ever been involved in a light car accident and gotten a dent in your precious little ‘’chick-magnet’’, you probably already know all the fuss and trouble you have to go through to fix your car.

You have to drive to a number of body shops, wait for someone to see you (as you only have a small mark on your car, that alone takes a couple of hours), get an estimate, get several estimates for that matter and finally pick the one body shop that doesn’t try to rip you off so badly.

Well, all those headaches could now be gone, as a new free Android app called DingIT is available for download and, if we are to believe the developers’ claims, it helps provide estimates directly on your Android device in a matter of hours for repairing your damage.

The way this app works is you take several photos of your car’s damage, you type in a couple of details about it (the make, model and year), submit your pics and sends them to auto body shops in your area to get estimates.

Furthermore, once you will start receiving estimates (these guys say that in a few hours), you can get important information about each body shop, including ratings and reviews by other users. That way, you can make an informed decision as to which auto shop to choose and maybe, just maybe you won’t be confronted with those charlatans, lazy-ass repairmen that we have all dealt with before.

Sure, the DingIT app won’t fix your car once you pick your auto shop, but I for one will certainly keep this app in mind and nearby for the next time when I’ll need a dent fixed. If you are the least bit interested by this original new free app, click the Android Market link below and download.