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Google is reported to launch a 7 inch tablet by April, competing with Kindle Fire and iPad

February 24, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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If there’s one surprising aspect of consumer electronics Google has still not interjected its own product, it is tablets.  The market share is clearly dominated by Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 with the Amazon Kindle Fire chipping away and creating its own niche as a seven inch tablet.  Google has been successful with its Nexus line — as long as it leaves the distribution to carriers and other retailers.  For a while now, Google has often been rumored to launch its own tablet to compete with Apple, since other manufacturers– aside from Asus and Amazon — seem to be having difficulty.

An analyst at DisplaySearch believes Google will enter the tablet department by April 2012 with its own seven inch device.  In a conversation with CNET, analyst Richard Shim believes the Google tablet will feature a 1280 x 800 display, Android 4.0, and a low price tag at $199.  With Google in the process of acquiring Motorola, it would not be a surprise to see Google and Motorola work closely together in order to create an enticing seven inch Android tablet.

Whether or not the Google tablet will feature industry leading hardware such as a quad-core processor, LTE, and high-resolution camera(s) remains to be seen.  There are also reports of Apple testing its own seven inch tablet device, which would likely give Google a sense of urgency to get its own product to the market.  If Google is able to launch its own tablet by April, it would beat Apple to the market and hopefully it can deliver a product to help bring tablet market share to Android.