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Dropbox adds auto-upload for photos & videos, removes file size limits and Apps on SD storage

February 24, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Snap a photo, save a photo. It’s that simple in the latest version of cloud storage and sync service Dropbox, which has added the ability to automatically upload photos and videos directly from your Android phone to an online Dropbox account.

Dropbox for Android updated today to enable instant upload of new photos and recorded videos using a wireless data plan, or creating an upload queue for the next time a user is on Wi-Fi. Captured images and video are automatically sent to the “Camera Uploads” folder. Users can manage this feature by going to Settings > Camera Upload and disabling/enabling the feature or choosing to only upload on Wi-Fi.

Using auto upload will provide up to an extra 3 GB of space for storing pictures. As more photos are uploaded, Dropbox will allot an additional 500 MB until the 3GB cap is reached. This comes at a small price for some; the latest version of Dropbox for Android removes the ability move the app storage to an SD card. According to the Android Market description, this was a necessary move “due to more secure credential storage.”

The latest version of Dropbox also removes limits on upload file size, and addresses a number of performance and bug fix issues. Download it from the Android Market to begin using auto-upload. Then you can decide how it stacks up against the Google+ Instant Upload feature.