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Deal of the day: Shopper’s Paradise HD Android game available for free on Amazon

February 29, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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I know that usually I tell you about smartphone and tablet deals that offer the respective devices with tens or hundreds of dollars off, but today I am going to make an exception and talk about a discount of only three bucks.

Three bucks out of three that is, because the Shopper’s Paradise HD Android game, which usually costs $3, is available only today completely for free. But wait, don’t go running on Android Market to take advantage of the deal, because the discount is offered exclusively on

I also realize that many of you might be more excited about Verizon’s sale offering LTE phones with prices of 100 dollars less than usual, but you shouldn’t overlook this Amazon deal, even though it’s clearly not as spectacular.

Not spectacular, but extremely addictive, if we are to trust most of the user reviews available both on Android Market and on Amazon. And if you don’t know what this app is all about, let’s just say that the female Android enthusiasts will go crazy after it and the male audience will most likely enjoy a far quieter life with their special someone keeping busy.

Shopper’s Paradise HD combines the excitement of a Tycoon game with the simplicity and fun of a strategy game. On top of all that, the visuals and graphics of the app are surprisingly complex and will keep you hooked for hours and hours.

I usually don’t like to give out many details about a game or app on sale, especially one that can be downloaded for free, and I won’t break my rule today, but I am going to say this. If you are a crazy shopper and you have dreamed of becoming a millionaire and/or build a marketing empire, this is your shot of getting an inch close to seeing this dream come true. It will only be for fun, but trust me, it will look and feel real as heck.

Hit the source link below to download the game for free on and to find out extra details about it if you are still not convinced that it is worth your time.

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