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Baseball Superstars 2012 from Gamevil available for free on Android Market

February 16, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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Baseball Superstars 2012

Gamevil is a top Android app developer known to probably all of you and one of my all-time personal favorites. I have enjoyed and still enjoy from time to time such fun games as Zenonia, Air Penguin or Cartoon Wars, but one of their most popular titles has always slipped away from my fingers.

I’m talking about the Baseball Superstars franchise, refreshed with a 2012 title today. Said to have been downloaded around 30 million times during the years, the Baseball Superstars mobile game series is clearly targeted towards ‘’connoisseurs’’.

The latest installment is optimized for HD and high-res displays and, even though it comes with a bunch of new features and some pretty great graphics, as far as I can tell from the trailers and teasers online, it has still been made available for free on Android Market.

Now, I’m not exactly a baseball fan, with my sports thirst being mostly satisfied by basketball, tennis or football, but I think I’m going to give this new game a try. Featuring new gesture and tilt controls for what the developers call ‘’intuitive pitching and batting’’, the Baseball Superstars 2012 allows you to feel like you’re playing baseball on your Android gadget, but also to manage a team of your choice.

You can customize everything and anything on your team, including the stadium, uniforms and equipment, and you can recruit, train and swap players in order to assemble your dream team.

The new Baseball Superstars has a network mode as well, allowing you to play against other users’ teams around the world. In short, this freemium title from Gamevil has everything a sports game should feature and, if you are a baseball fan, you have no excuse for not hitting this Android Market link right now and download the app. Enjoy and hit us back with a comment telling us how much fun this game is for you!