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Android surpasses iOS in app downloads in the UK, Germany, and Russia

February 23, 2012 | by Charles West

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Android continues to dominate in the smartphone market with the latest study showing the popular OS grabbing majority of downloads in the UK, Germany and Russia, according to analytics firm Xyologic. The research company not only pointed out the little green robots progress in European nations, but mentioned that the U.S. will be the next to fall to Google in either March or April.

This trend suggests that people are downloading more apps from the Android Market compared to Apple’s iOS App Store. Xyologic broke down the statistics even further, showing the UK had 90.9 million app downloads for iOS compared to Android’s 99.1 million. Germany accounted for 59.5 million app downloads for iOS and 64.9 million on Android; and Russia had 38.4 million iOS downloads with 41.9 million for Android.

This is interesting research but it would’ve been nice if the analytics firm crunched the numbers on how many of these apps are paid versus free on each platform, as this would help determine the impact that has on downloads.

That said, this isn’t earth shattering news exactly, but it does make the number of apps argument (the Cupertino-based company loves to brag about) somewhat mute. Truth is, when it comes to apps, numbers don’t always matter — especially if you follow the mentality of: ‘quality over quantity’. Just because you have a bunch of apps in your store doesn’t mean that all of them are worth a damn.

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