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Android has 300 million devices, 850k daily activations, and 450,000 apps

February 27, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android activates 850,000 new devices each day. That number climbs each time the sun rises and sets, leading to more than 300 million Android devices being activated since October 2008. Who would have thought we’d reach that number when asking how many Android phones are there?

Google SVP of Mobile Andy Rubin shared the latest round of jaw-dropping Android stats today as Google kicked off Mobile World Congress 2012. The company is once again creating a massive Android-themed stand to showcase developers and devices that power the Android ecosystem, so Rubin decided to point out some astonishing figures associated with that growth.

Based on previous history, there’s a good chance you already know that Android has a “break-neck speed of innovation” as Rubin says. But did you know it has:

  • 450,000 Android apps are available for download in the Android Market. That’s 3X the 150,000 apps announced at MWC last year.
  • 1 billion Android apps are downloaded each month, and the number is growing.
  • More than 800 Android devices have been released in the past 41 months, and that number is really growing, especially considering all the product announcements we’ve seen already.
  • Android enjoys 250% year-over-year growth

So as Google continues to raise its “x billion served” counter in app downloads, and the number of Android fans continues to climb, count on seeing more apps and more phones covered here on With that, we leave you with a video showcasing the inspiration behind the collectable pins that Google is spreading throughout booths at MWC.