Sprint bringing 4G LTE to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio first

January 5, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Even though LTE provided a better long-term solution to provide customers faster speeds, Sprint chose WiMax for its 4G network because it allowed the company to be first carrier with 4G marketing. But with AT&T and Verizon both turning to LTE for their 4G strategies, Sprint is shifting to keep up with America’s top two carriers.

Sprint announced today the first markets that will see 4G LTE technology, and it’s a familiar list of places. Just as Texas was home to one of the first WiMax rollouts, Sprint will begin LTE coverage in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio first. Atlanta was the only non-Texas city named in the initial rollout phase.

LTE should arrive in the first half of 2012. Sprint says that a users in the previously-mentioned markets should experience better voice and data performance on phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots. That’s thanks to a simultaneous upgrade taking place that should improve 3G CDMA networks. As for new devices that are equipped to access the LTE network and take advantage of those speeds, Sprint has previously stated it will have LTE devices in play later this year.

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“Within the first half of 2012, Sprint customers should experience first-hand the wide-reaching improvements we have made in terms of boosting voice and data quality. With advanced smartphones and sophisticated wireless modems, our customers are using more and more mobile data, and one of our top priorities is to provide the best technology possible to improve our customers’ experience.”

- Bob Azzi, senior vice president – Network, Sprint