Sony Smart Watch hands-on video: a Bluetooth-enabled watch with apps for your Android phone

January 11, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka



Bluetooth and app-supported watches are a big trend here at CES, with little guys like IM Watch and MIMM taking on the big boys in Motorola and Sony. The Sony Smart Watch, announced at CES, hopes that a combination of function and style will make the Android accessory stand out.

The Smart Watch is a Bluetooth device that links with an Android phone to perform certain functions. It’s a follow-up to the Sony Ericsson Live View, only this version is a little more stylish and comes with fashionable bands. The standard band is black, but five more colors are sold separately and are interchangeable to go better with what you’re wearing or what you prefer.

Phones link with the Smart Watch and send notifications about missed calls, incoming texts, Twitter updates, and the local weather. There are apps made specifically to work with the watch, including third party developers. So someone who jogs can load Endomondo and track stats on their workout. Oh, and it tells you the time, obviously.

I like the look of the Smart Watch – standard black, I’m too shy to wear the flashier colors – and look forward to testing one out long-term. Sony says that the device is compatible with “most Android phones,” including those made by other manufacturers. Here’s a demo from a Sony rep.