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Sony Entertainment Network expanding to one-stop media service to Android, web, and PS3

January 9, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sony Entertainment Network aims to be the central service for your entertainment needs. Many services, one login. It’s the same model that has helped Amazon create an ecosystem of books, movies, and music available across devices, and Sony is betting that SEN will do even better for its customers.

SEN has been in play for a short while, but Sony is expanding to make its service available across devices – PlayStation 3, Sony tablets, and phones through an Android app – in more places. There’s no need to manually add content because the music library will be synced across the PC, PS3, and mobile devices.

Music Unlimited will offer “more music, easier artist discovery, and …unlimited access to a global catalog of over 12 million songs” across devices, says Sony exec Kazuo Hirai. He added that Music Unlimited is now expanding to Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. ABBA and Bjork songs for everyone!

Play Memories Online will be the way to store your personal photos. Whether on TV’s, smartphones, or PC’s, the service, photos taken will instantly become available across devices. There’s even a Map or Calendar that shows where and when the photos were captured. An upcoming Android app will import content from a Sony Bloggie Live and makes them available online. The service will launch in the spring.

“Sony is committed to designing technologies for every aspect of consumer entertainment – in or out of the home, on the go, in the air, at work, at play, or wherever life takes you,” said Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation. “When [our new] products are combined with Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) which offers innovative services like Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, as well as PlayStation Network, the user experience is truly unmatched and only made possible by a company like Sony.”

For the new Scandinavian posters considering Music Unlimited for the first time, here are some features:

  • With Basic and Premium monthly subscription plans(2), Music Unlimited offers a breadth of content and easy music discovery features.
  • The service’s Basic subscription plan works as an infinite ad-free radio station and subscribers can listen to dozens of personalized channels – categorized by genre, era as well as mood through SensMe(3)™ without the requirement to download or manage their music files.
  • The Music Unlimited Premium subscription plan enables users to listen in full to every song on demand, create personal playlists of favorite songs, and gain access to premium Top 100 channels which are regularly updated with the latest hits.
  • Among the newest features for both plans and available on the Music Unlimited PS®3 and PC applications, “My Channels,” gives users ultimate control by building custom radio stations based on their favorite artists.  Simply type in the name of the artist and a new station is populated with songs from that artist and others similar in style.
  • By studying users’ listening habits, incorporating their ‘like/dislike’ song ratings, analyzing their existing music collections and more, the Music Unlimited service adapts to users’ music preferences and constantly tailors music channels to offer the most compatible and enjoyable list of songs. The more a user listens, the more uniquely personalized the music channels become.