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Seven launches Ping, the ”ultimate” free push-based social messaging app for Android

January 23, 2012 | by Adrian Diaconescu

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It’s a Monday and, as most of us technology geeks know, things are pretty quiet on the gadget front at the beginning of an ordinary week. That’s why, when the ‘’ultimate’’ social messaging app for Android is announced, we have to take a stand and bring this piece of news to your attention.

Ping is a free app available for download on Android Market starting today and, according to an official press release, combines chat, email and social media messaging in one app, organizing conversations from all services by person.

I know, it has been done before and it’s clearly not a groundbreaking or innovative idea (which is why I referred to the app as ”ultimate”), but on the other hand I for one am yet to find a social messaging app with a basic, but interactive user interface, easy to use and capable of eliminating some of the hassle that I go through every day switching between email, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

I’m not saying that this Ping is the solution to all of my problems (and yours), I’m just saying that, after reading Seven’s press release, the app is worth a shot. The user interface is said to feature an innovative contact carousel allowing the user to view his/her contacts in a simple, wheel-like view.

Of course, the app brings together all the contacts from different email or social media services, which is a very nice thing, and allows you to check and send messages from just one screen to all your friends, no matter on what network.

Let’s not forget to mention a couple of things about the app’s developer, Seven Networks, which is not a very well-known name in today’s technology world, but is responsible for the Hotmail Android app co-developed with Microsoft, which has been downloaded and installed by around 3 million users so far.

All in all, I for one am tempted to give Ping a go, at least for informative reasons. If you are the least bit interested in this free Android app, hit the Android Market link and try it for size.