Kogeto Iconic shoots panoramic videos with your Android phone [VIDEO]

January 11, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

Accessories, Android


You know how everyone loves taking panoramic shots with their mobile devices? Well, how’d you like to upgrade those snapshots to moving photos and record panoramic video with your Android phone? You will be able to soon with the Kogeto Iconic.

Previously available only for the iPhone as Dot, Kogeto has announced that it is bringing the Kickstarter-originating device to Android. Using an attachment mounted near the camera lens and a companion app that records the video, the Iconic can create a video file that takes 360 degrees of viewing and puts them together for a format viewable on mobile devices or computers. The results can capture a lot more than one can with a standard camera.

Once video is recorded, iConic lets users do other things like swipe on screen to focus on different areas, or share the video of their preferred social network. There’s even a social feature made for users who want to show off their video among other users. An app named Lookr will soon debut on the Android Market that enables those users to share with one another. You can visit to see examples of panoramic videos shot with the iPhone version.

Expect to see the Galaxy Nexus to get IConic in February, with other phone models likely to follow. The device will cost $79 when it hits stores.