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Acer announces AcerCloud, a free online storage and streaming service compatible with Android (Acer PC required)

January 8, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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It’s all about the cloud these days. Acer knows this, so the company announced today a new cloud service that will make it easier to manage your content across all devices. Whether storing photos, videos, or documents, there’s one central location in which all those files are kept safely and securely. For a while, at least.

Of course, there’s not much that’s new about Acer Cloud. Apple, ASUS, Google, and Microsoft have all introduced services that store your data online – not to mention he litany of third-party companies like Dropbox and SugarSync that do the same. So why should anyone choose this service over the many others?

Well, the value’s in the details. AcerCloud features an Always Connect technology that can make photos and videos from a PC always available to a tablet or phone. If a PC is in sleep or hibernation, it can be remotely waked and content is made available to the mobile device. There’s also the Media, which streams video and music or make them offline. AcerCloud Docs creates documents and makes files accessible for 30 days online, or downloaded to multiple devices for long-term storage. That 30 day limit is a potential drawback.

Acer hopes that Acer Cloud will be a value that encourages people to purchase its products. The idea is that you go on your Acer laptop or ultrabook to manage work, and those documents are readily available on your Acer tablet or phone. Likewise, you snap a photo on your phone, and it automatically syncs to the cloud and becomes available on the other devices.

However, it is not limited Acer mobile products. The service will be bundled free with all Acer PC’s and compatible with any Android device afterward (meaning you can have an Acer PC and still access AcerCloud with an HTC, Motorola, or Samsung).

Other services do what AcerCloud does, but they you have to seek them. Acer is going to integrate Cloud into its devices from the start and make them available “without limits and for free” according to comments made at today’s press conference. The service will launch starting in Q2 2012.