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Android activates 700,000 new devices each day

December 21, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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“There are now over 700,000 Android devices activated every day.”

That was the to-the-point statement posted to Andy Rubin’s Google+ page last night. No chest-beating or additional stats to explain the ever-growing pool of Android customers was necessary. 700,000. The number speaks for itself.

It was only a few months ago that Google was touting that it activates more than 550,000 devices each day. And a few months before that, the daily Android activation total was only 350,000. Since Eric Schmidt’s announcement of that number in February, the number of new Android devices has doubled in 9 months.

We expected Google to reach 1 million daily activations based on Rubin’s previous comments about week-over-week growth. However, Android has progress only halfway to that number. Still, it’s an impressive feat that clearly shows Android is running away from competition in terms of volume. The number would be even higher if it included non-Google sanctioned Android products like the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Any bets on when Google finally reaches a point where it adds 1 million new users each day? There’s only 7 billion people on the planet, so I’m guess it will take some time. Maybe a week or two.

+Andy Rubin via BGR