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Skyfall RPG starts live beta; Androinica’s got 500 invites

November 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android users love their games, as we’ve noted previously, and who doesn’t love a good RPG? A new game from ngmoco is now in a live beta that seeks to bring a good RPG to Android.

Skyfall RPG is an Android roleplaying game set in a fantasy world where residents have depended on the “power of the Source” in order to prosper. Suddenly, the world is changing and players have to go on a quest to explore and fight to make sense of it all.

There are 3 playable characters – the steadfast Warrior, powerful Mage, and cunning Rogue – with 12 inventory items to change clothing. Players can change their avatar’s appearance, obtain new items for battle, and level-up by facing the bad guys, of which there are plenty. Skyfall also supports the familiar aspect of alliances to punch excitement of gameplay, so you can connect with others.

How good is the game? I’m not sure because I haven’t played it yet. That’s where you folks come in. ngmoco is giving Androinica readers a chance to be among the first to test the live beta. Go to and sign-up for the beta with the code “ANDROINICA” (all caps). The first 500 people can begin slaying dragons and exploring an ancient world.

Quick Stats on Skyfall RPG

  • 3 playable classes
  • 12 inventory slots
  • 100 different enemies, beats, and bosses
  • 1,000 different loot rewards items
  • 200 weapons and 500 armour pieces
  • 1 big Explorable worlds with dungeons and forests