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Google Reader Android app gets new swipe navigation & ICS widgets, loses social features

November 2, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Earlier this week, Google gave Google Reader a big-time makeover to bring it more in-line with the user interface applied to Google+ and Gmail. An update was promised for Android “soon,” which surprisingly carried over to “2 days later” in Googlese.

The new version of Reader has made very small changes that you probably won’t notice. On the plus side, it now lets users swipe left to right in order to navigate between articles instead of having to tap a button. Minor adjustments were also made to make the app resemble the Ice Cream Sandwich user interface a tiny bit more.

Speaking of Ice Cream Sandwich, the official Reader Twitter account says that Google Reader also has widgets for Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s tough to say what exactly that means because I don’t have an ICS device yet. I’m stuck running the same old scrollable and stacks options for labels or specific feeds on Honeycomb (Though I wasn’t really using them before anyway).

Curiously absent from this version of Reader is Google+ integration, the key feature Google touted when it did away with all the social features from the old Reader. There doesn’t seem to be a way to +1 an article other than using the standard “Share” function to send it to the Google+ app. Google did remove the “People you follow” section, Likes, and other things that were also cut from the desktop version in favor of Google.