Official Hotmail Android app is cooler than previous options

October 4, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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There have been hundreds of third-party apps that connect Android users to their email accounts. However, it wasn’t until yesterday that an official app from Microsoft found its way into the Android Market. That’s right, there’s now an official Hotmail Android app ready to send and receive your emails.

Before you get snarky and say, “People still use Hotmail?” the answer is “Yes.” More specifically, there are 350 million users who will tell you “Yes” as they login to check their inbox on Hotmail this morning. Though it trails Gmail and Yahoo in the U.S., Microsoft’s email service is the number 1 provider across the globe.

Those who use Hotmail can log into multiple accounts using the Hotmail Android app, and will find some features even the Gmail app lacks. Hotmail supports push email to notify users as soon as a new message arrives, but it can also be set to only scan for new mail every 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It even supports pinch-to-zoom when reading a message.

Hotmail supports standard email activities: attachments can be sent or received, messages can be organized according to folders and subfolders, and a 4×2 homescreen widget shows the latest entries into an inbox. Windows Live users will also be pleased to know that the app can sync an Android device calendar and contacts. More features are on the way in Microsoft’s effort to improve usability and ditch inbox clutter, so grab this app if you’re still a Hotmail user.

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