MagicLocker makes your lockscreen like Sense, iPhone, MIUI, and more

October 6, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The new lockscreen put into HTC Sense 3+ is incredible. It’s one of the simplest changes that someone could make, but every time I see the HTC EVO 3D jump directly to a Phone, Mail, Camera, or SMS app, I get jealous for a brief moment. Then I remember that Android developers don’t let default features on a phone get in the way of user happiness, so I can hunt for a suitable replacement.

MagicLocker is an app that can customize an app launcher to function very similar to Sense 3.5 phones. And if that’s not what you’re looking for, there are 15 other lockscreen styles to meet your needs. We’ve already professed our undying love for WidgetLocker, but MagicLocker is enticing enough to conduct an affair. The default theme of the app, Lost Robot, has a Bugdroid with a roving eye and digital clock and a nice mix of grit and style. Dragging down will unlock the screen, right will go to the messaging app, and the left directly to the dialer. Users can load the current wallpaper to switch things up.

Below is a picture of the ring-based lockscreen that resembles Sense 3.0, but MagicLocker can look like an iPhone, Galaxy S, or MIUI. MagicLocker supports other themes that greatly change functions, and 6 of its 16 themes are available for free. Sure, it would be better to just pay the developer a few bucks once and have all of the options available, but the main app is free for testing, and the you may like it enough to upgrade to some of the premium skins. If there comes a time where users can customize themes further – like choose their own graphics or even change shortcuts – MagicLocker will go from being a really good app to one that’s, dare I say, magical.

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