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Android Apps Alert #75: ADT Pulse, Sandisk, Minecraft, and more edition

October 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Each week, recaps some of the better and noteworthy apps to enter the Android Market. From time to time, we also include apps that receive important updates. Regardless of when they were introduced, these are apps worth getting. To suggest apps to be featured in this weekly round-up, message us on the official Twitter account.


When I recently picked up a friend from her house and we head towards the end of her block, she realized that she didn’t arm her ADT home security system. Just as I was about to make a 3-point turn so we could go back to the house, she whipped out her iPhone and armed the system from her phone. I was amazed, and now Android users can impress their friends with a beta version of the same app.

ADT Pulse lets subscribers arm or disarm their home security system. It doesn’t matter if you are down the block or at the airport; login to the app and you can double check your security system or disarm it so a friend can gain access to your home. The app also lets consumers view video of their homes, control their thermostat or lights, and get text messages when something happens. ADT will have to provide some set-up info, but sign-up for Pulse ( for more info), you can control your house from your phone.

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SanDisk Memory Zone

Your phone’s on-device storage has limited space, and the same can be said for your memory card and online storage. Speaking of which, why do these three sources have to be separated? If only there were was a way to monitor your phone memory, memory card, and cloud-based data all in one place. The kind of app that could connect to, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Picasa to browse files, download to your device, and delete. Or the kind of app that could do the same for your files regardless of where they are stored and filter according to music, photos, videos, documents, and apps. Users could multi-select files, set certain files to private, and establish backups of their data. If only such an app existed. And was free, slick, and awesome. If only.

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Minecraft just may be one of the most hyped games that you’ve never heard about it. The game allows users to build digital worlds and be creative. In fact, the tagline is “Imagine it, build it.” The Pocket Edition came to Android as an Xperia Play exclusive, but it has since been updated to support other Android devices. Minecraft unleashes users’ imaginations and creates pixelated landscapes and structures, sort of like a 3D Lego exercise. There are 36 types of blocks, the ability to save, and multiplayer support on local networks. Download the demo app to get a feel for it, and then purchase the $6.99 version if you like what you see. (Note: At the time of publishing, the app may not have been updated yet, but it is scheduled to change today.)


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