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Android Apps Alert #76: Tablet apps, trips, and zombies for everybody! Edition

October 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Friday is Apps Day at At the end of each week, we take a look at the press releases, review requests, tips, and many visits spent to the Android Market while watching trashy TV reality shows, all in the name of finding some interesting apps to recommend to our readers each week. Android Apps Alert is all about digging through the Android Market to find what you need, so take a look below and see what you want to load on your phone.

Amex for Android

Android 3.0+ required

American Express already has a well-received app for Android phones, and now has what will probably be a well-received app for tablets. Amex for Android is a Honeycomb-only app that does all of the things you would expect from a credit card application: schedule payments, view balances, and view charges and payments. It also displays Membership Rewards points to see how many points you have, as well as special offers. Multiple cards and accounts are supported in the Amex app, and the interface is simply beautiful. All of the information you need is presented in a simple interface, and users can find contact or help within the app.

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SlingPlayer for Tablets

$29.99 USD
Android 3.0+ required
Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD required

While the rest of the Android world was complaining about the lack of Hulu and Netflix on Android, Slingbox owners were watching television on their Android phones. That’s because SlingPlayer allows anyone who owns Slingbox hardware to access video from their cable or satellite DVR, Tivo, and Apple TV. A Slingbox Pro HD or Solo is required, but once you connect the hardware, you’ll be watching hours of television anywhere that has Internet access. The $29.99 price tag is a little steep, especially if you have already purchased the phone app that works on tablets. However, that’s a 1-time fee rather than the monthly costs paid to Hulu and Netflix for less choices. Differences between this and the phone version include an on-screen remote, Honeycomb optimization, and a better program guide that is the same as your home channel set-up.

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RBC Mobile

Android 2.1+ required

The Royal Bank of Canada finally has an Android app. The RBC Mobile app is long overdue and has room for improvement based on Market reviews, but it is a serviceable replacement for using the mobile site. RBC allows customers to view their account details, including balances and transactions. It can also transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, and transfer money to someone else’s registered account. The app can also calculate mortgage payments and exchanges to other currencies. And for those times when you need to get cash or speak with a teller, a Branch & ATM Locator provides directions based on your GPS location. The app is available in both English and French.

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