Zynga’s Hanging With Friends offers multiplayer Hangman gaming [Game Reviews]

September 27, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Hangman was a rite of passage in many elementary schools. It was a way to increase a child’s vocabulary while building puzzle-solving skills, two assets that you may have since neglected. Put them both to the test using Hanging With Friends, a new app from Zynga that brings the classic word game to Android.

It’s easy to play Hanging With Friends. Two players are paired through Facebook friendships, randomly, challenges to a specific user, or local pairing for two friends to use the same device. Once a game is established, Player 1 must create a word using a pre-defined set of letters. Player 2 then has to select letters from the entire alphabet in an attempt to discover the word Player 1 created. An incorrect guess will bring up a strike, and six strikes means Player 1 wins that round. Solving the word means Player 2 wins the round.

The back-and-forth continues for five rounds of players alternating between creating or guessing words. Users can be involved with up to 20 games at once, so you can continue playing while waiting for an opponent to create or solve a word. And since this is a Zynga game similar to Words With Friends, I should warn you that an ad, usually for WWF, pops up after every round. It’s annoying but required in order to use this free app.

Hanging With Friends rewards players able to create longer words, supplying bonus points in some situations. However, a short word that’s hard to guess will still earn points. The game is a nice implementation of a classic familiar to anyone who remembers seeing B _ _ _ L E as a child. There’s no room full of rowdy peers to add to the pressure of the situation, but the game is a decent substitute. If you can spare the 20 MB file size or have Apps2SD enabled, download Hanging With Friends from the Android Market.


  • Android 2.1-2.3.3 required
  • Several multiplayer options to find an opponent
  • Background notifications for updates when it’s your turn
  • In-game messaging with opponents
  • “Lifelines” for clues or saves in games

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