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ScreenCast & ScreenRecorder creates smooth video of your root phone’s screen [App Reviews]

September 6, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Android phone owners have plenty of choices when it comes time to take a screenshot of their rooted phone, but not as many if they want to record all screen movements. Screencast solves the problem by making it possible for users to “screencast” – record the actions taken on their phone and create a video for the purpose of sharing with others.

ShootMe was the first app that we saw with screencast ability, but this new app serves as a more than worthy competitor. (Your phone must be rooted for this app to work.) ScreenCast & Screen Recorder records fairly smooth MP4 video that ranges from 10 to 30 frames per second. It also sets the ability to record in Portrait or Landscape, and Normal or High resolution. The picture quality in Normal is disappointing, and High may prove challenging when recording fast-paced action like game demos. But someone looking to create a tutorial that has smooth transitions and respectable quality will be pleased. What the app lacks in HD, it makes up for in consistency.

Screencast begins recording once the user chooses settings and continues as smoothly as the device can perform. A benchmark gauges a phone’s capabilities, so users know it might be best to avoid 30 fps recordings if their device tops out at 23 fps. A phone may move a little sluggish if settings are too high, but the recordings are generally solid. A gallery section shows all recorded videos for playback or sharing to any app accessible via the Android Share function.

Recording a phone’s action probably appeals only to a small niche of users, but those users will like what Screencast has to offer. Anyone with a rooted phone who may be interested should try out the free demo version. Purchasing the $2.99 will be necessary in order to go beyond a 30-second limit in the demo version. Added bonus: this app also can take screenshots.

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App: ScreenCast & ScreenRecorder

Price: $2.99 Full, Free Demo version