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Actually, U.S. residents MIGHT get the Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab 7.7 after all

September 2, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



People on the net have been in a tizzy since word spread that Samsung would not be releasing the just-announced Galaxy Note phone and Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet in the United States. Android users were intrigued by the massive screen and pen input of the Note, and the Tab 7.7, which is the first Honeycomb tablet with a SuperAMOLED Plus screen.

After Gotta Be Mobile reported that a Samsung rep told them that it had “no plans” to bring either device to the U.S., folks took that to me the device wasn’t coming to the states. That didn’t make much sense to me, so I reached out to a Samsung Mobile PR rep for clarity and got the following statement:

Samsung has not made any official announcements about availability in any parts of the world.

There’s nothing in there that says the Note or Tab 7.7 won’t be coming to America. There’s no telling if it will be going to Europe, Asia, Africa, or anywhere else in the world either. That’s because the device has only been official for less than two days and  things are still up in the air.

The Galaxy Note is a phone and a carrier partner has to be confirmed before Samsung can say if it will bring the device to the United States. No agreement has been made, so Samsung cannot say when or if it will be available. That doesn’t mean it will never arrive, just that Samsung hasn’t solidified plans to do it yet. The same goes for the Tab 7.7, which has telephony and data capabilities like the original Galaxy Tab did.

No one  knows definitively if you’ll be scribbling on a Note or wowing at the Tab 7.7′s screen stateside. You’ll just have to play the waiting game – like we’ve been doing with other key products.


Note: On-site reps at tech conferences – the source of GBM’s story – are not always given the full picture or may misspeak on key details. It’s also customary for new products to be announced at trade shows without anything official being set in stone for all regions, so these reps cannot always give clarity on regional availability. That’s why a phone or tablet can be tipped for Europe “On Carrier X in Month Y” and you’ll hear “We’re talking to partners” type of response when asking about other regions.