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Amazon Appstore working for some non-U.S. Android users

September 19, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Amazon Appstore officially supports only users in the United States. However, word is spreading on the internets (yup, all of them) that Amazon is suddenly available in places other than these United States of America.

Australian tech site was first to report that the Amazon Appstore suddenly started working for Aussies this morning. While we previously showed users how to get around the geographic restrictions with some truth-bending, Ausdroid says the store now works without needing those or any other tricks. The Digital Reader then reported that users in India were able to access the store as well.

I just did a quick scan of Twitter and found a couple of people in Australia and India reporting success, but not anywhere else. Can anyone from other countries confirm if Amazon is working in their location? Android users outside of the U.S. can download the APK by visiting

Amazon has not announced international availability or updated its support pages to reflect changes, so I’m not sure if this is a global phenomenon or just a couple of international markets gaining access to the Free App of the Day. Or maybe it’s just another sign that whole Amazon tablet thing is coming very soon.

Credit to AusDroid & The Digital Reader

Thanks, Nate!


The comments and Twitterverse tell us that the appstore is working in Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, and several other places. This definitely looks to be an international roll-out of the appstore. Enjoy everyone!


Now users are reporting that the Appstore stopped working for them. The actual app is still accessible, but people outside of the U.S. cannot actually download apps and get errors about regional availability. It looks like this was a fluke that Amazon has corrected. The waiting game continues.