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Are you a T-Mobile customer experiencing battery drain on your phone?

August 5, 2011 | by Charles West

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If you happen to own an Android phone on T-Mobile, you may be experiencing abnormal drain on your battery life, likely do to the network. Tracing back to July 28th, a small group of customers, more specifically G2 owners have experienced “massive battery drains.” After a few days of monitoring the issue and yet to isolate the problem, T-Mobile is asking for help from its users.

The only way you can help address the situation is by simply leaving some well descriptive feedback. This feedback can be left on the T-Mobile Support thread. I’ve gone to the thread and read a few comments and this battery drain issue seems to be effecting HTC users in general. I admit, this is somewhat puzzling as to what exactly could be causing these widespread battery issues, but questions concerning 3G/2G data modes suggest that it may have something to do with changes to T-Mobile’s actual network.

As a T-Mobile customer and the owner of a souped-up HTC myTouch 4G, I have some concerns as well. For about a week now, I’ve had an uneasy feeling as to how fast my battery has been draining as of late. Granted, I am fully rooted and running Cyanogen Mods CM 7.1.0 RC1 ROM, but I’ve been losing power more rapidly on very little usage. To solve the issue I changed the settings to a more power friendly mode to conserve battery and so far I’ve been unsuccessful in my rescue attempt. I’m not sure if fault lies on the network or ROM, but T-Mo needs help getting the kinks ironed out to remove doubt.

Are there any readers experiencing poorer than usual battery performance? If so, please voice your experiences in our comment section below.

Source: TmoNews