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Skitch image editor app makes it way to Android

August 18, 2011 | by Tony Price

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Evernote has decided to buy Skitch, a very popular image annotation app that was once a Mac exclusive. While their first official move with their new product was to make it free for every Mac user, they almost immediately released it as an Android app. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do use Skitch on my Mac, and I love it. So I may be a tiny bit biased in my joy over Skitch making its way to Android.

The Android app looks great so far. You can choose to import an image from your gallery (great for screenshots), take a new photo, or even create a new image from a blank canvas. It comes with a number of the basic (but incredibly useful) features from its desktop big brother. You get the ability to draw shapes, add arrows, and add text to images.

Overall, I like what I have seen of it so far. Its nice and responsive on my Captivate, and allows me to do some quick annotation on screenshots. However, I’m not sure I see the need for it on a mobile device. If I need to Skitch some screenshots form my phone, I will just do so on my Mac. Maybe I will find it more useful when I start back in classes and am using Evernote multiple times a day.

I still think that, if you don’t have it anywhere else, you should pick up Skitch. It’s free in the Android Market, and its actually pretty nice. In fact, I recommend you get it on all the platforms you can. Who knows where Evernote is going to take it.

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