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Nissan LEAF manages controls directly from your Android phone

August 3, 2011 | by Charles West

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Nissan North America, Inc. has released its free Nissan LEAF Android app, allowing owners to access information on their car’s state. The Nissan LEAF app is designed to help manage your vehicle and control many frequently used features directly from your Android phone.

This is great news for LEAF owners who use Android phones and have waited patiently for its chance to use the app. Previously, only owners who used Apple’s OS had access to the Nissan LEAF on a mobile device; the only other method was to control the car remotely using Nissan’s website. Well as of today, that is no longer the case. And Nissan LEAF owners with an active CARWINGS subscription can control their vehicle through the Android app.

Besides providing a demo mode for Nissan LEAF enthusiasts to test the features, the app packs some pretty awesome functionality as indicated below:

  • Check state of battery charge
  • Start charging
  • Check when battery charge will complete
  • See estimated driving range
  • Turn on or off the climate control system

Nissan has bad news for you if you happen to live oversees:  only the U.S. version of the Nissan LEAF Android app is currently available. Don’t worry, the company intends to roll out the application to other countries soon.

I’ve actually been able to see one of these features up close and personal last year at an old job of mine, and its pretty impressive. I wonder how well Android integrates into the app. Unfortunately, I won’t know first hand, but if you happen to own a Nissan LEAF download the app below and leave us a comment on what you think about the app so far.

Source: Social Barrel

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