Is Samsung working on an HTC Flyer rival and a 7.7-inch tablet?

August 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Samsung Tablets


Samsung Mobile wants Android users to download the Samsung Unpacked app and wait for a special update on September 1, when the company will unveil some new products at the IFA trade show. Well if Samsung wanted us to wait, maybe it shouldn’t have hidden images that tip their hands for the event.

ThisIsMyNext received an image from a tipster showing an image stored in the Unpacked app showing two new Android devices set to debut at IFA: the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.7. No specs or photos were included, but the Galaxy names are telling signs that Samsung has some interesting things in the pipeline.

At an event I attended, a few bloggers and I were discussing the Android landscape with some people from Samsung. When someone brought up that nobody is working on a smaller tablet – like the original Galaxy Tab 7-inch screen – with Honeycomb. A Samsung person in attendance smiled and replied, “Who says we aren’t?” It was said with a smile and far from an official declaration, but I’m willing to put money down on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 being a Honeycomb tablet running Samsung’s Touchwiz UX. Acer is so far the only manufacturer to release a sub-8.9-inch Honeycomb tablet.

As for the Galaxy Note, that’s a little more of a mystery. It could be a phone, but my guess is that Samsung has been cooking-up a rival for the HTC Flyer. The “Note” moniker makes me instantly think of writing, data entry, highlighting, and circling, which all leads back to a stylus. Has Samsung created its own custom tablet with a special pen like the Flyer? We’ll know soon enough.