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HTC and Beats by Dre get in bed to make sweet music together

August 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



HTC’s “major announcement” teased to be announced tomorrow? Beats by Dre audio is coming to new HTC phones. After CEO Peter Chou tipped the company’s hand in an interview with AllThingsD, HTC has confirmed the deal and announced that the premium-sound-but-is-it-really-worth-the-price Beats by Dr. Dre will ship in upcoming phones from HTC.

Beats executive Jimmy Iovine was very excited about the deal, saying that this deal “represents a critical step in our continued mission to clean up the destruction of audio caused by the digital revolution and reengineer how sound is delivered, so the consumer feels the music the way that the artist intended.”

It may sound like Iovine is overselling it, but that’s the whole point of Beats by Dre. There’s definitely a difference between the expensive headphones and hardware sound optimization found in Beats Audio versus your standard system, and the company isn’t afraid to let people know.

So what does this mean for HTC? Well, for starters, people looking to purchase an HTC phone in the future will most likely have the best sound quality available when listening to music on a phone. Devices will benefit from having Beats by Dre produce better sound in speakers and with headphones. My guess is that new accessories for phone earphone-and-mic combos are also in the cards. Beats by Audio will continue to operate independently but HTC is investing money into the company in exchange for exclusivity in mobile devices.

HTC will begin delivering phones with Beats by Dre mobile audio in the fall.

Beats has found a unique way to harness popular culture in a manner that is unlike any other brand today. It’s an exciting brand that has been built around providing something very special, and we believe our strategic partnership will provide customers with unbeatable sound on HTC phones. We obsess over every detail of a consumer’s mobile experience, and audio is a critical part of that experience.” – Peter Chou, HTC CEO