HD Widgets gives Honeycomb custom clock, weather, and toggle widgets

August 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Honeycomb is just fine the way it is if you ask me. However, given my desire to change things up on a whim, I like it when widgets and a wallpaper switch can spruce things up on the home screen.

HD Widgets is a new widgets pack for Android 3.0 and higher devices that can make your Honeycomb tablet look a little sweeter. Available in the Android Market for $0.99, the app has customizable widgets for displaying weather conditions, weekly forecasts, current time, and common feature settings. HD Widgets offers a variety of sizes that can take up a full vertical screen (4×4), half a page (4×7), a full screen horizontally (8×2), and other sizes in between.

The widgets in the app are very stylish and easily customizable. Users can combine looks and change the clock’s appearance, background, and choose between a sidebar showing a weekly forecast or toggle settings. The app would be more useful if it allowed users to pick and choose which settings appear, but it is convenient to be able to quick turn on/off Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto Rotate, and Screen Brightness. As for color options, there are several, one of which even resembles the HTC Sense look that so many people enjoy.

There are many combinations of styles to use with HD Widgets. It also lets users tap the clock to set alarms, tap the sun/clouds to see a Accuweather or Weatherbug forecast, and easily edit settings after a widget has been added. The app is pretty impressive for a 1.0 release, and the developers promise more skins, themes, and a phone version coming soon. Head over to the Android Market and try it out.

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