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Google acquires DealMap. Is it to enhance Google Offers/Wallet?

August 1, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Google has opened its wallet to purchase another company. This time, The DealMap, a daily deals aggregator that finds coupons and offers from local businesses, has been snatched up. Think of it as Groupon on steroids because The Dealmap grabs thousands of offers each day thanks to relationships with plenty of sources.

So why would Google buy a company that specializes in showing deals to consumers? Well, my money is on this having something to do with a little project known as Google Offers. It’s possible that Google purchased The Dealmap as a way to tap into the 400,000 daily deals found through the app as it looks to increase interest in its program.

It’s also possible that Google purchased The Dealmap as a means to grab talent and improve Offers before it sees a nationwide rollout (it’s currently in New York, Portland, and San Francisco only). The Dealmap launched in May 2010 and already has more than 2 million users. It has partnerships with Bing, Local, Savings, T-Mobile, and other companies that will remain active for now, but don’t be surprised if the technology or resources from TDM gets folded into Google Offers. Google nearly paid $6 billion dollars when it tried to acquire Groupon last year, so Google likely believes that TDM offers something incredibly valuable to is local and mobile commerce efforts.

In the meantime, check out The Dealmap on Android. The app is rather underwhelming, so I look forward to this information being funneled into the far superior Google Shopper app.

via AllThingsD