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Do It (Tomorrow): A To Do App Done Right

August 17, 2011 | by Dean Sherwin


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If there’s one thing that has annoyed me about pretty much every to-do list application available for Android it’s their complexity. To-do lists are basic in nature so why complicate an application with scheduling functions, alarms, calendars, categories and dozens of other silly functions. At the end of the day all the user wants to do is make a quick note to remind themselves to pay a bill or send an important email.

Do It (Tomorrow) does it right! Gone are all the annoying extra features. It’s a simple to-do list. You can add items and strike them off as complete when ready. There’s a list for today and a list for tomorrow. The simplicity behind Do It (Tomorrow) means you can only note things that have to be done in the coming day or so. After all, who makes a to do list for Tuesday of next week?

Do It Tomorrow for Android Looks Great

Even though it’s a very basic app they haven’t skimped on the design end of things as other similar apps have. Do It (Tomorrow) emulates a Moleskine notebook. The lists looks really well as you can see. To switch between today and tomorrow you simply flick left or right with your finger to alternate between the left and right pages of the open notebook.

If you don’t complete an objective today, it’ll be transferred to ‘Tomorrow’ at midnight without any user interaction.

A couple of other handy functions of Do It (Tomorrow) for Android include the ability to keep to-do lists on multiple devices in sync and add a password for extra security.

Overall, it’s what to-do applications for Android should all be like; simple yet well designed and usable. I’ve been using it now for the past few weeks and I can safely say it’s remaining in my arsenal of apps. What to-do applications do you use and do you like them?

App Name: Do It (Tomorrow)
Price: Free
Website: Adylitica Inc.

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