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DeskSMS Android app sends and receives text messages through your desktop [App Reviews]

August 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



One of the greatest virtues of Google Voice is the ability to manage SMS messages from the desktop. Being notified on a computer when my phone receives a new text message, and being able to respond directly from that window, has kept me in communication with much more consistency and convenience than always using my phone.

DeskSMS is another option to treasure when you want the ability to forward text messages to a computer. Similar to Google Voice, the app links with a website that enables users to route their messages from their phone. Or for the paranoid or hyper-connected who to have multiple notifications, DeskSMS can even forward to Gmail or Google Talk.

The set-up and relative ease of DeskSMS, built by Koushik of Clockword Mod and ROM Manager fame, is favorable. Once a user grants the app permission to link to a Google account (your password is not visible and the link can be broken on the Google account page), DeskSMS can forward incoming messages to and then send the reply back to that person. The best part is that messages are delivered with your existing cell phone number and the recipient has no idea that you aren’t on your phone. You can even initiate a conversation from the web.

DeskSMS is accessible at and can even keep your text window readily available with a Chrome or Firefox extension. And because you can forward through Google Talk, DeskSMS can essentially send texts through one of the many apps that support GTalk. The app and service are completely free and available to any phone running Android 2.2 or higher. Please be aware that DeskSMS simply forwards texts from your existing phone and standards rates may apply.

Note: You should also change your notification settings if you use an SMS app like GoSMS or Handcent. Be sure those apps don’t disable notifications to other text apps.

App: DeskSMS
Price: Free

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