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Creationary: A fun LEGO game on your phone

August 17, 2011 | by Dean Sherwin

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You’ve played Pictionary, right? The legendary boardgame where you have to guess what your teammate is drawing. Well Lego, as part of their new board game series have decided to release Creationary as an Android app. The concept is much the same as Pictionary only with Lego. Your teammate begins to build something with Lego and the quicker you guess what it is the more points you earn. 

In this case, the app is your teammate. There are hundreds of different objects it can build and different difficulty levels so kids can play too. The further your progress the more obscure and complex the objects become.

The game also follows the recent trend of ‘brain training’. LEGO say Creationary will challenge the imagination, creativity and spatial awareness. The application is also integrated with Facebook so you can share your score and achievements with friends and family.

Creationary LEGO game for android 

Unfortunately, judging by the user reviews on the Android market there appears to be some issues with installing the app on some phones. The description says Android 2.1 and up is all that’s required. However, dozens of users reported issues with the application force closing upon start-up or not opening at all. Hopefully these issues can be addressed in an update soon.

All in all though I think this is a fun application to play around with. I like the design of it and found the games to be fun for quite a while. It’s good for bus journeys or to hand to a kid to keep them quiet for a while. All things considered, Creationary is worth a try as it’s free so you’ve nothing to lose!

App Name: Creationary

Price: Free

Website: LEGO

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