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Classic Notes + App Box review: A simpler way to get your life better organized

August 23, 2011 | by Charles West

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I’ve been an Android user for all of three years, and I’ve never had a simple post-it style note app I could enjoy. Recently, I was lucky enough to have been given a download to use Classic Notes + App Box. Classic Notes, is an app which allows you to do much more than write notes. You can manage your music, translate texts in different languages and even calculate your mortgage payment. Furthermore, users are allowed  to write memos and secure their private notes with a password.

Lets dive into some features, shall we.

What’s really cool about the Classic Notes app is its memo pad look, which gives the impression of writing on a piece of paper. Besides its customization options, users are allowed to attach notes to their calendar in the phone. When it comes to managing files, app users get the option to Import / Export CSV todo, checklist, and shopping list. For instance, if you wanted to make edits in your Google Docs, Dropbox or Documents to Go — this app makes it all possible. Notes lets you share with friends through social networks like Twitter and Facebook to name a few. What shouldn’t go unmentioned, is the Classic Notes app provides you with a full weeks weather forecast by just entering your zip code. This feature is probably unnecessary, but helpful nonetheless.

Other noteworthy features include:

  • Add notes to status bar
  • Create Home Screen shortcuts of notes
  • New Note Status bar entry
  • Image support – Attach images via camera or gallery
  • Video notes – Record video
  • Paint notes – fingerpaint / sketch notes
  • Record audio of lectures, meetings, or attach existing audio clips

In closing, the app is really easy to use. It may not be as feature rich as Evernote or better designed than Springpad, but it’s simpler and focused on no-frills. When it comes to simplicity I am a huge fan, and I applaud the developers for not just packing-in lots of features, but making them easy to access. The fact that there’s nothing crowding the app’s user interface is commendable.

This review was done using the paid app version, priced at $1.99. But users can access the free version here. With the Classic Notes app, you won’t get an interface that’s wowing, but you’ll get a fully functional app ready to help better organize your life.