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Bord: Turn your phone into a chalkboard [App Reviews]

August 16, 2011 | by Dean Sherwin

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The Android Market is full of applications for kids ranging from puzzles to interactive learning games. Obviously the developers are aware that not many toddlers have Android smartphones so they aim them at the parents of children who often give their phone to their child to keep them busy on car journeys and such. Bord is one such application; it turns your Android phone into a fun chalkboard for kids.

The interface is really simple. There is a selection of chalks across the bottom of the screen with size options. There’s also a duster to clear the blackboard. Drawing on the screen produces an effect I wasn’t quite expecting. It resembles chalk yet works more like an ‘airbrush’ effect. Nevertheless the application does what it says on the tin.

As an adult, I found it a little cumbersome as my phone’s screen, while big, isn’t exactly of chalkboard proportions! The fingers of a child however would have no problem easily drawing detailed pictures on the small screen. This app would work wonders on an Android tablet that’s for sure!

Bord an Android Blackboard app for kids

A couple of things I discovered whilst playing around with the application was that it supports multi-touch; you can draw with two or three fingers at one and use multiple fingers with the duster to make clearing the board faster. I also found that the option to change the color of the blackboard was blocked as the options down the bottom were squeezed together; again this application would be much better on a tablet.

Completed pictures can be saved as images to the SD card or shared with friends and family using the ‘share’ option which brings up a list of social applications you have installed on your phone such as Twitter and Facebook.

Overall this is a cool application if you have kids that enjoy using your phone for entertainment.

App: Bord

Price: Free

Website: Pixle

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