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Android: Leading in the Southwest, trailing in the East and Midwest

August 5, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Californians, Floridians, and Texans get it right. Minnesotans, Louisianans, and New Yorkers haven’t come around yet.

I’m referring to the adoption of Android as it relates to specific states. In a report from Jumptap advertising network, a pattern of favored operating system emerges. Tracking requests to its ad networks in the first half of the year, Jumptap found that Android is the OS of choice in the American Southwest and western states. It doesn’t fare so well in the Midwest or Northeast.

To be clear, these stats are based on information gleaned from one source and should not be considered factual representations of the popularity of Android in each state (nothing short of sales reports will ever prove definitive). However, the States That Over-index Map is an interesting look at where Android has raced to the top, where iOS remains king, and which regions have yet to pick a side.

The southeastern states are mostly playing the role of Switzerland; Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, are neutral. Arkansas, Florida, and Mississippi have opted for Android, but Louisiana is is dominated by iOS, and South Carolina is still in BlackBerry’s trenches.

Apple iOS has a firm grip on the Midwest and Northeast, even managing to bring Montana into the fold. Meanwhile, BlackBerry still rules in the Dakota’s, New York, Oregon, and the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia), which I’d attribute to RIM’s strong relationship with governments and contractors.

Take a look at the map and put your 4th grade geography skills to the test.

spotted via AndroidGuys